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Welcome to my blog! This page is the all about me page, so it's gonna be a little self-centered. Hope that's okay with you.

My name is Torrie, I end all my posts with a sign off from "T".

I am 25 and moved out of the family home for the 2nd time, just looking to write and post some of my experiences and trying to relieve some stresses.

My posts are random and won't always coincide with one another- they are what I want to write about and when I feel like posting. I do this as my hobby, not my job so I apologize in advance if I say I am going to post once a week and don't stick to it, I am human. I try to keep my word but sometimes life gets in the way. I try to keep them laid back throwing in an "lol" or "haha" from time to time, and try to keep my sentences and paragraphs as politically correct as possible.

I have a fur child named Jax, he is a German Shepherd Husky mix of pure cuteness. He is 3 and a half currently.

I like to watch Netflix and Hulu like every other person on the planet. Some of my favorite shows are: Handmaid's Tale, Gilmore Girls, The Good Doctor, The Good Place, The Office, Friends, HIMYM, Breaking Bad, Shameless, That 70's Show, honestly the list could go on forever because I like watching t.v.

I like to read, my latest read is called Euphoria by Lily King. I highly suggest it.

I love to play with Jax and take him on new adventures, and I am so excited for the Spring/Summer to go on more in my new town!! We are excited to explore the Cuyahoga National Park and if anyone has any tips, tricks, must see spots leave a comment and tell us! We love hiking and swimming so any suggestions are appreciated!! Thanks!

I am a Scorpio, so for those astrology know it alls- you know me... haha
I like to laugh and make jokes, so if I try and fail, I will still laugh at myself.

I am an open book for the most part and anything else you want to know, you'll have to read and find out :)

Thanks for reading


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