Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Covid19: My Story

Hello all!

I wanted to write a post about my personal experience with Covid19. Yes, I somehow managed to be part of the ever growing number of people who got to experience Covid first-hand.

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I remember waking up the morning of April 13th, which was a Monday, to get ready for work. I was not feeling like myself at all, I couldn't really put into words what I felt, but it was an all around "I don't feel good" feeling. I had called off work to watch my symptoms because I had a gut feeling it was worse than just a cold or tummy ache. Throughout the day, I monitored my symptoms and decided that I was going to do a virtual doctor's visit in regards to Covid. I jumped so quick to do the doctors visit due to the line of work I am in, I deal with hundreds of people a week on a very up-close and personal scale. I did not want to take any chances with my or anyone else's health. I did the virtual appointment with a doctor from the Cleveland Clinic, and he put me into a 14 day quarantine. I was shocked, because I didn't feel like I had what everyone was describing as the crazy bad symptoms of the virus. I also was not shocked, because my gut has seriously never steered me wrong. I called my job and let everyone that needed to know, know. My boyfriend also had to quarantine with me because we briefly worked at the same job, and we live together. 14 days together was not bad at all, I enjoyed it.

My symptoms:

Dry cough
Hard to breathe
Body aches
Loss of smell
Overall feeling of being sick

With these symptoms, due to my age and not being a healthcare worker, the virtual doctor's visit I had deemed me ineligible for covid testing, which was a bummer. My mother was very adamant about me finding somewhere that would accept me to be tested, as was I. We finally found somewhere that was a great possibility and I had to undergo another virtual doctor appointment and make a trip from Cleveland to Warren to a drive-thru testing center where Eric and I were both tested.

After the 14 days of quarantine were up I was trying to go back to work, I gave them a day I was hoping to be back by, but that I was finally able to receive testing for the virus, so I could not come back until I received the results.

It took about 3 days after the invasive nose swab test, I received the call from my local Board of Health, and the results were positive. Even after 14 days of being quarantined! I was shocked again, even more scared because I knew I was definitely a person who had it, and now was going to be off work for even longer. Eric's phone call took what seemed like for forever to receive, and when he received it, his result was negative! Again with a shock! How could I have it but he didn't? We did some careful thinking and it's possible that he had it and was already over it, or that he had it first and it took awhile for me to get it, or that we both had it at the same time and I was just having a longer case than his. We won't really ever know. 

Upon receiving the positive result, I had to undergo extensive questioning about where I have been (grocery stores, gas stations, etc.) when I was there, if I had things delivered to my house, the people I have been in contact with family and work wise, and I had to be sent a letter of isolation from the Board of Health. I was not allowed to leave the house under any circumstance or I could be in trouble with the law. Talk about a lot going on. I told my place of work and had to be put on a medical leave that turned into short term disability, and had to make sure I received documentation from everything that was going on to be able to work, and the Board of Health was only snail mailing them so my leave from work ended up being 6 weeks long!

My symptoms, in my opinion, were never really super severe, the overall experience was just more scary than anything. I am finally back to work and it feels really good to be able to say I am feeling better and able to continue helping the Greater Cleveland area in this unprecedented time.

Thank you to everyone who reached out, who helped me and Eric with getting groceries, who sent us care packages, and words of encouragement. It meant so much to us to have support and love during this time.

While this virus is still affecting many, take this time to educate yourself on the symptoms, what to/not to do, and if you can help someone in need.

Visit the Cleveland Clinic website for information, testing, and donations, here.

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