Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Introducing Caroline Celine


Introducing Caroline Celine, my niece!

Born December 16th, 2019 at 4:29 PM.

My baby sister (who is 22 and not a baby...) is the first of the kids to have a baby, and my oh my have we been excited. Our mother has always said she wanted to be a grandma, I think the first time she told me this I was in high school and freaked out by her confession. She always said in due time, but that she couldn't wait. Around Summer of 2018, I think, I can remember my dad talking to his brother, who has several grand kids already, that he was never going to get to be a grandpa.. well now look at them! They are thrilled. My middle sister is already an aunt to her fiance's nephews, but is excited about being an aunt to a girl.

I remember the day I was told my sister was pregnant. I thought my family was playing a joke on me. They do that a lot, and I fall for it a lot, I am not proud of it lol..... I was at my Coach job, my baby sister called a family meeting, but I was unable to make it home due to work. Calling a family meeting from her was not uncommon, normally it was to watch a movie together or something like that, not really what you would expect a normal family meeting to be about. But this was one different. My middle sister texted me at work and said that baby sister is pregnant. I was instantly like, " haha that's not funny..." well, she wasn't lying. I was both upset and happy at the same time. I asked my manager if I could make a phone call, and she agreed. I called my family and was put on speaker phone, I asked, "are you really pregnant??" to which my dad replied, she really is. My dad doesn't joke about stuff like that, so I knew this was real. I cried, again of course I did, I am a big baby and was so, so happy!!! The reason I was upset at all is because I couldn't be there for this life changing moment in our family.

I think my sister being pregnant brought us sisters together in a different way than we ever thought possible. All 3 of us. It is bigger than just us now.

Okay, enough already. Please enjoy pictures of my GORGEOUS NIECE!!

Caroline and Aunt Torrie

Caroline and her "brother" Cooper

Christmas Eve, little family

Dear Caroline Celine,

I love you, to the moon and back. I love to the ends of the Earth. I will always have your back. I will always be here for you. I will always lend you my shoulder to cry on, my ear to listen, and my car when your mommy and daddy say you're grounded. You can always come to my house to stay or play, you can always count on me for anything. Just know my name is Cool Aunt Torrie though, that's the deal here kiddo. I will love you forever. Now stay little, and stay imaginative.


Aunt Torrie 🧡

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