Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Wedding Season: Vol. 2: Kelsey & Zach

Today is the perfect day for me to finish this post, (I will admit it has taken me longer than I would like to admit) because it is SNOWING!!!! It has snowed a lot over the last 24 hours, with no signs of stopping. Here, in Cleveland, Ohio we are under a Winter Weather Advisory, and are getting up to 9 inches of snow by the time it is over... 🙃

So today, I am wishing it was warmer weather, and reminiscing on a warmer day from the Summer.

I had the pleasure of standing beside another best friend of mine on her special day, this past June. Here is the story.

Kelsey & Zach have been together for a very long time. They are high school sweethearts, and one of the most cohesive couples I have ever met. They truly balance each other out.

Kelsey and I have been friends for about 5 years now. We met while working at the Coach Outlet store together, I started in the month of October, Kelsey started a few months before me. We were friendly for the first few months of being co-workers, but our friendship blossomed when we had our work Holiday party, and Kelsey was assigned me for Secret Santa. We have basically been inseparable ever since!

We have memories from random beach vacations, Rae Dunn Hunting all over the Youngstown/Akron/Cleveland areas, going out celebrating birthdays, new jobs, and moves, to her beautiful wedding. I truly cannot wait to have Kelsey stand by my side in my wedding one day.

The day Kelsey & Zach got married was quiet a day. It was beautiful out while we were getting ready in the hotel room, and we managed to make it through the outdoor ceremony with only some overcast clouds and one downpour scare- but during the reception was another story! Nonetheless, it was of course a gorgeous wedding! I will probably have to post this in every wedding post I write, but of course I cried...... and laughed and smiled and danced the night away. Kelsey's wedding was so special to me because I got to see my best friend, marry her best (boy)friend. And to see people who belong together make the commitment to love each other forever and always is such a warming thing to be a part of. Our friendship may only be about 5 years old, but it has been a lifetime within those 5 years together, and will only get crazier and stronger. So, so lucky to have her in my life!

Photographer credit: Azkalynn Photography
Location: The Conrad Botzum Farmstead

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