Wednesday, February 20, 2019


This poem/small thought came to me in May of 2018. I thought that with my town of Ohio waking up to snow, yet again, it would be nice to read about something from a warmer time.


"Nightmares into Fireflies"

Tonight a few fireflies caught my eye while taking the dogs outside before everyone heads to bed. I love fireflies. I love them because at one point in my life tat was the biggest thrill of the night and biggest disappointment in the morning.

Being a kid, fireflies were magical. You had to run around trying to catch the small flickers of light you only saw a glimpse of. At the end of the night whoever had caught the most was deemed the champion.

In a way chasing fireflies is like chasing your dreams. Sometimes you may only see the light for a split second and have trouble finding it again, but other times you know exactly how to catch the firefly on the first try, and some you never can catch no matter how high your little legs jump in the sky. Never the less, you are always on the lookout for the next firefly.

A collection of fireflies or a collection of dreams.

Recently, my collection has been looking more and more like the jar in the morning, a sad sight. I need to find motivation to go catch the lights. The potential flickers I have seen are all so random and I am not too sure about any of them.

But Torrie, that's the fun part. The chase.


  1. Beautifully written! Fireflies are such a beautiful metaphor for so much! I love this piece.


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