Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My Bucket List

So, if you follow me on social media at all, which you totally should, (Twitter  Instagram  Facebook ) you will know that this post was voted on! I was having a hard time deciding between a few topics, and asked you- the readers, which you would enjoy most. The votes for My Bucket List won! So here we are.

 There are so many things one can put on their bucket list. How do you choose which to do first, last, or to do at all? Some are achievable, some are dreams that you hope to come true. How do you find a balance between the achievable and dream ones? This is definitely a harder post to write because I have no clue which ones I am going to list here..  

Top 15 bucket list items for me in my lifetime:

1. Visit Ireland.
2. Write a book and have it published. Preferably a children's book- I already am working on this one!
3. Cook my way through a cookbook, kinda like the movie Julie & Julia.
4. Work for a non-profit. Preferably Lupus involved, or mental illness involved.
5. Volunteer out of the country. If you have any info on this, send it my way!
6. Have a star named after me. The hopeless romantic in me wants this..
7. Lunch date with Lauren Conrad. If you see her, can ya pass my info along?
8. Go to a butterfly garden and spend the entire day there. I love bugs and nature, I would so be in heaven here.
9. Go to a Lana Del Rey Concert. There is one in Ireland during June of 2019, so this could knock out 2 birds with 1 stone.. donations are currently being accepted.
10. Make my parents and grandparents proud. I know everyone is going to say I already have/do, but I mean it in a sense of making a positive name for my family, I guess. I feel like when I can be proud of who I have become, they can be too. Not sure if this even makes sense, just something that I constantly think about and want to achieve in my eyes too.
11. Buy my dream home- which has pretty much stayed the same since I can remember. Old, charming, vintage, lots of natural lighting, all hardwood floors, claw-foot tub, writing/breakfast nook, lots of trees, kinda secluded, a view would be amazing, vine growing up the stone wall outside. I could go on and on, but I won't. I really can't wait to live in a house like this one day though.
12. Take a trip with my sisters. Just us. Anywhere.
13. Find out what came first, the chicken or the egg...???
14. Complete this bucket list..
15. Make you laugh, let me know if I have done this in the comments :)

Hope you enjoyed my list. Leave a comment with some of your bucket list ideas!


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  1. I really love number 3: that’s definitely something I think I’m going to try��


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