Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Castle Noel

Welcome back everyone! 

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WARNING: Next few posts will be holiday related, so unless you are The Grinch, carry on and enjoy! (If you are The Grinch, hi.) 


The Grinch and me
What is it?! Only the most exciting place in Medina, Ohio to visit if you are a holiday movie fanatic! I had the pleasure of visiting this magical, winter wonderland themed spot last week with a friend from work. I had such a blast, and felt like a kid again. Castle Noel is the self-proclaimed "America's Largest Indoor Year-Round Christmas Entertainment Attraction." That is the longest self-proclamation ever. But, it is accurate.. 

Santa Clause Reindeer
If you like holiday movies such as "The Grinch," "ELF," "Deck the Halls," and "The Santa Clause" series with Tim Allen, then you will literally love this place. They have a lot of the real movie costumes and props from these movies and you get to take as many pictures as you want, basically get to touch them! How cool?! Throughout the blog are a few pictures I took of the movie pieces from my visit. 

The Santa Clause giant toy
soldier & spinning globe
Castle Noel also has the amazing New York holiday window displays from stores like Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue and so many more. The amount of detail and craftsmanship that gets put into these window displays is absolutely amazing. I mean, the characters that are included had better wardrobes than me, the sequins, beading, layers and fabrics used was seriously mind blowing. Our tour guide mentioned that these displays are created and put together by hand and take hours or days to put together to create the magical holiday feeling conveyed to shoppers, and they are supposed to be destroyed afterwards?! I was shocked to hear that. All the time, effort and artwork, just to be destroyed at the end of the season.. crazy. However, Castle Noel has agreements with those New York stores and works to put them back together just as perfect in the new Medina, Ohio home, so the spirit can live on and be admired. 
ELF costumes & movie props

Last, but not least, Castle Noel has a few quirky, original "rooms" for you to tour as well. They have a room with over 100,000 Christmas bulbs, a blizzard vortex, magical chimney, memory lane game room, and countless others. To top off your trip you get to take a picture with Santa and slide down a red slide like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story." You exit through the gift shop and then your day just goes downhill from there because you are leaving such a magical place...

The location also offers fun events throughout the year.

To book your trip, visit here.

Hope you enjoyed this holiday filled post- and if you decide to take a trip to Castle Noel/have been before, leave a comment with your favorite part!


Photo credit(s): Erick Ickes & Torrie Fryman

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  1. So 1, I AM TOTALLY GOING HERE!!!! Thank you for writing all that because the Grinch and Elf are my favorite movies of all time! That looks so fun too (because who doesn’t want to be a kid anymore??)
    2) thank you for including the link because I was going to look it up until you kindly provided a quicker way
    3) the background looks nice and is not hard to read :)


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