Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Guess who is back?!

Okay, okay... I'll tell you..

IT'S ME!! I am back on my blogging kick and could not be happier about it. If you have no clue what I am talking about, then hi, welcome to my "Ginger Life". Hope my previous readers did not miss me too much.

So first things first, let me apologize for leaving the blogging scene so abrupt, ohh about 3 (maybe 4?!) years ago.. I not only unpublished "A Ginger Life" but deleted it permanently from the internet. I can honestly say I have no clue where I left off. My reason for the deletion was part personal, part professional. I am FINALLY graduated from college and wasn't sure I wanted my blog to pop up when potential employers "Google" me.. and part of me thought maybe it was time to put all the thoughts, emotions and life notes in the past and move forward with a new chapter.

I was wrong. Probably not so wrong about the potential employers finding it part, but I need blogging for my soul. Writing is such a release and even if nobody reads it, I get to convey myself, my true self. Writing for me is such a passionate thing, if not the only thing I feel even slightly passionate about in life. (Other than telling/showing people how cute Jax, my dog, is.) I am so glad to be back, even if it is only for myself.

Unfortunately, I can't use the same blog address as before, so this one is 2.0 !

I have a few ideas for what my posts are going to be about, but if anyone has suggestions or requests, feel free to reach out to me with them! I want this to be enjoyable to readers as well, not only for myself.

So, with all of that said.. tomorrow is the first "official" post of "real" content. YAY!

Welcome back readers :)


P.S. My social media could use some love..

Instagram: @torrieelizabeth__
Twitter: @torrieelizabeth
Snapchat: torrieelizabeth
Poshmark: @torrief22

k byeee! :)

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